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Savita Ahuja

Savita Ahuja is a disciple of the legendary Ustad Mehdi Hassan Khan since 1977 and is a well-known Ghazal singer, both in USA and India. Her singing reflects years of dedication and a unique style emphasizing emotional rendition and clarity of lyrics. She grew up in Jabalpur where she gave public performances from the age of 10, and sang her own compositions at the All India Radio Station.

In the early 70’s she was a familiar voice in the CARAVS (Christian Association for Radio, Audio, and Visual Services) a program broadcast by Radio Ceylon. She received her formal education in classical music from Pandit S.B. Deshpande of Bhatkhande School of Music at Jabalpur, and earned her Master’s degree (Kovid) in music. During her recent stay in Delhi for two years, she received further training from Ustad Iqbal Ahmad Khan, “Khalifa” of the Delhi Gharana.

Since 1977, she has performed in major cities of the USA and Canada, alone and together with Ustad Mehdi Hassan, Parvez Mehdi, Nitin Mukesh, Munni Begum and others. She is a familiar voice at various community cultural Programmes organized by Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan, Sandhu Samaj, Shabhe Gazal, Sur Sangam, and Diwane Khas. etc. in the New York area During her recent visit to New Delhi, she gave many private and public performances including a concert At the Triveni Kala Sangam, India International Center and at the Delhi Hyatt Regency Hotel which was sponsored by Motorola. A first collection of Savita Ahuja’s Ghazals will be released soon.