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Lalitya Munshaw

l_munshawBorn in Ahmedabad of connoisseur parents with strong religious inclinations for whom Bhajan – Kirtan was a part of daily life, Lalitya Munshaw’s fascination with music started at the age of six. Her parents encouraged her to participate in the programs of religious music and recognized her musical talent early on. Initially her interest was focused on singing Bhajans but it soon encompassed Hindustani Classical Music. The classical training proved to be a platform for her forays into musical territories of Ghazals, Geet, Thumri, Fusion besides aiding her development of Bhajans.

She is now a regular concert artist on the Indian as well as international circuit with critically acclaimed performances which have established her unique identity. Blessed with a serene and melodious voice, she has developed a refreshingly original expressive style which allows her to flow with equal ease from the subtle regional and stylistic variations of classical music to the immense depths of Bhajans and Ghazals. More information can be found at her web site.