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Amjad Ali Khan

khanToday, Amjad Ali Khan is one of the most distinguished and successful musicians in the world of Indian classical music. His name has become synonymous with the Sarod and his unique style of playing has made the instrument far more appealing to a wider audience throughout the world. Born on October 9th, 1945, he is the son and disciple of the legendary Hafiz Ali Khan. He hails from a family of distinguished musicians who invented the Sarod, the present day modification of the ancient Rabab( An Afgan Folk Instrument). Today, he shoulders the sixth generation inheritance of the ‘Senia Bangash School’ which traces its roots to the to great Mian Tansen. Amjad Ali Khan has undoubtedly added a new dimension to the repertoire of the Sarod. Within the discipline of classical tradition, his innovations have created change in the styles and technique and breathed a new life into an ancient form. More